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Instagram Followers Control My Mani

Instagram Followers Control My Mani

I turn over the nail artist controls to my Instagram followers…

By Cali, host of threesixtynails

Hey, guys! Welcome back to my blog. I’m trying out some new software for my website/blog, so let me know how you like it! So, in today’s post, we’re taking a look at how my nails turned out when YOU GUYS controlled the design choices…
I posted some polls on my Instagram Story, asking what base color I should use, if I should include glitter, etc. The votes are in, so watch my latest YouTube video below to see the results!

These nails turned out sooooo pretty! This is my favorite “Instagram Followers Control My Mani” mani yet! I’ve really been enjoying modern/minimalistic manicures lately, so this fits in perfectly with that theme. It’s so eye-catching and bright. Plus, it’s super sparkly and I’m glad you guys chose the glitter option. 🙂

I had a great time creating this design and I wish I’d remembered to record the tutorial! If you would like to see more details on this design or a tutorial, let me know. Follow me on Instagram so you can vote the next time I do this and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any new posts. Click the handy **brand new, super cool, “had a great time editing”** buttons below, lol. 🙂 Have a polished rest of your day!

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